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PTCL Bill, Duplicate Bill & EVO Internet Services of PTCL December 2022

PTCL Bill checking December 2022 is available online, including the bill of landline, broadband, Evo, and Smart TV. Also, you can download or print the PTCL duplicate bill copy. Here we will tell you the process in detail. Stay tuned!
PTCL stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. This company is the largest landline telephone and internet connection provider in all countries of Pakistan. Also, PTCL is providing the facility to get the duplicate bill and the broadband bills of internet connection online. Now online bills are just one click away. Even you can get a duplicate bill for the safe side, and also, for having a copy of the bill, you can print that duplicate bill easily.

ptcl bill online

Let us share more details with you!

Moreover, Pakistan telecommunication company limited – PTCL is one of the most famous companies, which provides internet connection. Similarly, it is having a large ratio of its customers using the telephonic and internet connection system all over in Pakistan.

In this modern era, everyone needs internet connection 24/7, and the internet is a necessity for all people from kids to adults. PTCL is used mostly in workplaces, homes, offices, high-schools, primary schools, universities and all other places familiar to these.

Students need an internet connection for doing their homework, and the office workers need it for doing their daily tasks of the office. Likewise, many people working at home need a stable internet connection at home for submitting their tasks.

How to Download Duplicate PTCL Bill?

PTCL Duplicate Bill December 3, 2022

It will give you some of the relevant information for downloading the print of the bill. But for that, you have to enter your landline number and PTCL account ID.

Are you ready?

You can print it for submitting the bill in any bank, but you should have PDF software in your computer, i.e. Acrobat reader or Foxit reader.

You can check your history of bills here. It is a simple process, and you can download the PTCL Bill and pay as well. Plus, you can submit the PTCL duplicate bill in any commercial bank of your area.

PTCL is the most significant communication provider in all the cities of Pakistan, with more than 20 million subscribers in Pakistan. Now pick is providing a facility for their users to get a copy/ duplicate bill of PTCL that is just one click away from you. However, it is also providing a broadband internet bill online copy. And you can print them as well.

PTCL Landline Bill Check Here

PTCL Broadband Bill Check Here

Download PTCL EVO Bill

For downloading the PTCL Evo bill, you have to enter the MDN number with the code of your area and then enter the ESN number. Lastly, you have to press on the search button to download the PTCL Evo Bills.

PTCL EVO Bill Check Here


Smart TV with PTCL

Furthermore, PTCL is leading on all other telecommunication system providers due to its latest equipment. Plus, it has pioneered telephonic system with broadband and now PTCL has introduced a smart TV that is available with the PTCL connection. PTCL started this from 10 digit numbers for the telephone of digital PTCL. This digital fix line has many features that depend on your choice. According to your preference, you can choose the services for your need in the workplace or at home. These all services of smart TV PTCL will have one-month fix bill of PTCL, including all of your services.

You can Download PTCL Smart TV App for free here.

PTA authorizes PTCL

Ptcl – Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is an authorized company that is working with PTA – Pakistan telecommunication authority. PTA is the company that has the authority to authorize all the communication and telephone companies in all cities of Pakistan. And PTCL is working under the jurisdiction of the Pakistan telecommunication authority.

Hence, PTA has some absolute rule under which PTL makes promotions. PTA design some specific rule for PTCL. Without the permission of PTA, PTCL cannot provide an internet connection to anyone in Pakistan.

Other Services of PTCL

Subsequently, PTCL is providing numerous services to their valued customers and for satisfying them. PTCL is trying to keep its customers up-to-date in this competitive world. In-addition PTCL is providing services of PTCL Bills to submit and get duplicate, Evo bill services 2022, Smart Tv services, and many other services that are online now.

All the value customers of PTCL can create their account by entering some personal information. It is available at the official website of PTCL, and the user can receive a bill on their email address by E-payment services of PTCL.

Online Payment Bill Facility of PTCL

This facility is available for the customers of PTCL with their bank accounts, and all the PTCL users can get a duplicate copy of the bill for keeping their records. Duplicate bill is called a DBILL for any of the desired products you can have it such as for landline PTCL Bill or broadband, smart TV, and PTCL Evo bill.

Monthly Subscription of PTCL Bills 2022

Now, the monthly based subscription of bills 2022, all the PTCL users shall pay on the specific date of every month that is mentioned by the company of PTCL on bills of PTCL 2022. The reason behind submitting the bill on a specific date is because sometimes your bill of PTCL maybe not received before the submission date. Usually, some people lose their bill, and it becomes a huge problem.

In case of losing the bill, the user gets fine, and that fine is in the shape of extra charges because you delay paying the PTCL Bill.

Hurray! Now it is effortless to check the date of bill submission, including the bills of internet and phone bills too. And this process is free of cost.  You just have to enter your telephone number and the ID record to get a duplicate bill that is up-to-date as per the requirement of Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL).

PTCL Internet Packages

Ptcl is having a wide range of internet packages that can fit according to the need of their customers. Moreover, these Internet Packages are used for the broadband video, data processing/ downloading, etc. and PTCL broadband is providing unlimited data for a high level of performance. These internet packages by PTCL have incredible downloading speed all over Pakistan. The internet packages are most used for video calling and online surfing.

Advantages of PTCL Internet Packages

  • They have high-speed service that is available in 200+ cities across the country.
  • Best streaming and downloading experience for TV shows and movies.
  • Unlimited high-quality calls
  • Access to Netflix, music, other applications including access to religious and sports content.
  • Smart TV application of PTCL

PTCL CharJi 4G Internet Packages

Ptcl is providing the bestunlimited packages for the valued customers, and they can get a new CharJi package at 1999/- PKR a month. Now you can enjoy the endless surfing and download with the best 4g unlimited package 2022.

Details of PTCL 4G CharJi Packages

There are no hidden charges accept Rs. 1999/- PKR a month. You can enjoy the incredible speed of the internet with the PTCL 4G CharJi device, but the terms and conditions may apply fare usage of 150 GB. 4G offer is not available for Karachi and AJK users. Besides that, this 4G offer is available for new and existing users of PTCL.

PTCL Live Chat and Helpline 24/7

PTCL has live chat support for its valued customers, and it is available 24/7. Also, the responses are immediate and instant. Their agents are available from 9 am to 9 pm- all days in a week. If you face any problem with your connection agents will help you out. And you can freely contact on the helpline number of PTCL for availing their 24/7 customer care support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my PTCL Bill online?
For checking your bill online, go to and enter the landline number and PTCL account id. Now you’ll be able to download the bill in pdf format. Also, you can check it whenever you need and print them easily.
How can I pay my PTCL Bill online?
You can easily pay your bill online using Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, Online Banking services.
How can I check my PTCL Bill on my cell phone?
PTCL users of landline/ broadband and Evo can easily use online bill check facility here at this URL: For broadband and landline, the valued customers shall have a phone number and account id for knowing their bill details. But the Evo users need an MDN and ESN account id for checking their bills.
What is Account ID in PTCL Bill?
The account ID of PTCL is mentioned on the bill. And the ID ranges from ten to fifteen numbers. But if you are having trouble finding the ID, then contact the PTCL franchise to locate the ID of your account.