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PTCL Live Chat – Get Instant Support For Your PTCL Landline, Broadband, Evo or Charji Connection and Services

If you are using PTCL Service and require quick assistance or support from official ptcl support, you can chat live with one of their agents from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Saturday.

PTCL (Pakistan Tele Communication Authority) is now offering a hassle-free support service to their valued customers through a live chat option. With this live helpline chat support service, you can now connect with their highly skilled customer support agents to resolve your PTCL related issues.

By connecting with one of their support agents you can easily get technical support for your PTCL Telephone /Landline Connection, Broadband Internet Services, EVO 3G or Charji 4G connections.


PTCL chat agents will be available from 9 AM- 9 PM (MON-SAT).

What is PTCL Live Chat?

PTCL Live chat allows it’s broadband, internet, and Evo chrji customers to communicate with their customer service representatives in real-time. Rather than having to speak with a representative on the phone and wait for a support agent to connect, customers with a ptcl chat service can have a live interaction with their agents in a quick manner and get their issues resolved in real-time.

How to connect with PTCL Online Chat Support Agent?

If you require any support related to ptcl services or you simply want to make a complaint about ptcl broadband, Evo or charji connection, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • First of all, click on this link and visit the official PTCL website.
  • You will find a form button on the bottom right corner of the page as LIVE CHAT.
  • Fill the form on the page with your details and it will connect with ptcl’s customer support agent.

Besides this live customer support, you can test your internet speed here easily and check your ptcl duplicate bill.