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Download Smart TV App to watch latest Dramas, Sports & Movies Free

Download PTCL Smart TV App to get the latest entertainment! It comes with lots of features to get the ultimate experience.
Are you ready to watch your favorite shows or videos with no lag?

The amazing thing is, you have choices to choose between prepaid and postpaid registration. This app offers postpaid registration. So the CharJi, Evo Wingle, and PTCL landline can register directly.

It brings hundreds of Live TV channels right on your android device. Not only on the phone, but you can also use this app on tablets by using all its interactive features in Pakistan.

Additionally, this app lets you make your multiscreen experience. This app is giving you the flexibility to add, unbind, and delete devices. This app has been awarded for the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) 2016. Stay with us!


What is Smart TV?

For decades, the televisions have been around worldwide. But they are called “dumb TVs” because they only receive a signal from an HDTV antenna and provide entertainment to you. That’s was a great option is passed, but now the era is changed. Today, the world wants to be smart and like smart machines.
When it comes to smart TV’s, they are functionally like smartphones. They offer internet connectivity and support a range of apps like your smartphone. In short words, they open a new world of entertainment on a large screen. They allow you to play games check social media, control your house gadgets, and streaming online.

Smart TV App Download

You can download the Smart TV app with features like high-quality videos, excellent service, friendly interface, multiple supported devices, and the best thing is, it’s free of cost. Plus, it has many channels like sports channels, news channels, food channels, entertainment channels, business channels, kids’ channels, songs channels, regional channels, and religious channels. Plus, the users can download smart TV for free of cost on this platform.
Learn more about how you can download the app here.

Smart TV Features

Without a doubt, smart TV makes it easy to stream whatever you want. It offers the latest features, including voice control and smart hone integration. Let’s have a look at its best features.

Fast User Interface

The most amazing feature of smart TV is, there is no wait to face. It doesn’t give you a second thought. It is like a breeze. Also, it offers a blazing fast user interface that you never have to do almost before. There is no sluggish, so you don’t need to find yourself irritated.

Streaming Video Service

Through Smart TV, you can get online streaming video service on Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant, Vudu, Hulu Plus, Crackle, or even die or funny. Not only that, but it also offers showtime anytime, HBO Now, and CBS all access. The only need to get a stable internet to stream whatever you like.

4K UHD Streaming Video

Now by watching Smart TV, it allows you to get 4K Ultra HD content. Yes, it is available to stream from the internet. Well, for this, you have to check the websites to see which Smart TV is compatible with 4K UHD streaming. Make sure you have a stable connection.

Music Streaming

Are you crazy about music streaming? When it comes to the Smart TV app, it will surprise you by giving flawless music streaming. You have to check Smart Tv apps to see which music streaming services are available. Besides, if you have a stereo sound experience, we recommend you use a set of bookshelf speakers. It offers a more enjoyable experience.


Through Smart Tv, you can’t only watch the movies and listen to your favorite tunes. There are games available. Yes, there are the latest games that let you play to get a more intense gaming experience.

Media Player

What’s more intriguing? This app offers you to have a pleasant look at your family photos. Yes, smart Tv offers more advanced media players and servers. It can provide access to all the media player so you can enjoy music, photos, digital videos and much more. Indeed, it is super easy to get all stuff through Smart TV.

Transfer Smartphone Content to the Smart TV

It can be valuable to sent content through your smartphone to your smart TV. You should use a compatible app on your phone and transfer streaming content wirelessly to your Smart TV. The only requirement is devices with compatible apps.

Universal Search

Want to Download Smart TV App? Another blessing of the internet is you have lots of options for online streaming services. Now, there are so many Smart TVs that come with a built-in search engine. Besides that, if you want a really smart TV, it is recommended to get the widest search capable TV. It gives you real fun.

How to Use Wired SMART TV Wirelessly?

When it comes to the setup Smart TV box, it needs an internet router. Yes, it requires the LAN wire for the connection. Then the box further connected with the TV set through the help of HDMI cable. This whole set up is wired. So, it can be replaced by a clean wireless setup. It offers more speed that requires only a router with Wifi capability. If you have less budget, then get the Tplink router.


  1. The first step is to set the router. It requires access to the admin page.
  2. You can get the details at its back. Mostly, it is or
  3. The next step is to find the DHCP setting and disabled it.
  4. Then, you will need to find the Wireless Bridge setting and enabled it. For this, you have to select the PTCL router wifi connection name and enter the password for the wireless bridge setup.
  5. After that, you have to find the IP address setting and change the default setting to
  6. Finally, you have to save the setting and restart the router.

Now you are ready to get entertainment on Wireless Smart TB setup and shift our TV set anywhere you want.

Which Channels Are Available in PTCL Smart TV App?

This smart TV application has various and a lot of channels for the users. Also, the users can watch the news, movies, dramas, entertainment channels, religious channels, kids’ channels, and many others. Plus, it covers all kinds of channels in different countries. Let’s talk about the channels in detail!

News Channels

As you know, many users are fond of news. Therefore, the smart TV has various news channels for the users. The news’ channels list is available below!

Capital TVNews OneDM Digital
Geo NewsWaqt NewsPTV World
Aaj NewsCity 42CCTV News
ARY One World NewsMetro OneDW
Dunya NewsChannel 5BBC World News
Express-NewsCNBC PakistanFOX News
Dawn NewsRozee TVAl Jazeera English / Arabic

In House Channels

If you want to watch the in-house channels on your device, then it is possible on a smart TV. Also, the users can enjoy these channels without jailbreaking and in HD format. You can know the list of the channels below!

PTCL Smart Product
Smart Melodies
Smart Films
Mix TV

Religious Channels

Smart TV app provides information to the users about their religions. So, many religious channels are available on television app. The list of the religious channels is below!

Smart AwakeningAb Tak
ARY QtvPeace TV English
Huda TVPeace TV Urdu
Al-Quran Al-KareemAl-Sunnah Al-Nabvi

Entertainment Channels

A lot of entertainment channels are present in this app for the users. So, the list of enjoyment channels is mentioned below!

Hum TVGeo TV
ARY DigitalKohenoor TV
Express EntertainmentHum2

Kids Channels

Smart TV app provides many channels for the kids’ entertainment. The names of the channels for the kids are below!

NickelodeonDisney XD
KidsCoC Babies
Baby TVDisney Channel
Kids Arabic

Sports Channels

As you know, fans of sports don’t sleep without watching the favorite sports videos. Therefore, this television app facilitates sports lovers with multiple channels. The names of the sports channels are!

TEN GolfAbu Dubai Sports
PTV SportsSTAR Cricket
Geo SuperTEN Sports

Pakistani Movies Channels

The users of the TV in Pakistan can watch the movies on this app. So, the names of the channels are Silver Screen, Filmazia, and Film World.
Likewise, this app has many businesses, regional, and music channels for users. Let’s talk about the downloading and installation process!

How to Download the App?

The android users can download and install this smart TV app by following the below steps. Let’s start!

  • Firstly, enable the unknown sources of the supported Android device and connect it with stable internet.
  • Now, tap on the link of “Smart TV App Download” and download it.
  • After that, open the downloaded app and tap on the installing button.
  • Smart TV App Download process will complete in a few seconds.
  • Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

All in all, we have summed up today’s topic, “Smart TV App Download.” It is no doubt; Smart TV app is the best way to watch live streaming. You will get the best experience on a large screen. Also, you can record a live or past program to watch them later. Furthermore, you can choose various channels as your interest. However, if you want free app download, then click the link given above. Thank you

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